Install CyanogenMod 11.0 on Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150

31. Juli 2014 - Computer Science

Recently I got the Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150 of my brother and was able to give CyanogenMod a try. Before you continue reading and maybe breaking or bricking your phone, please keep in mind: It’s your fault!


If there are still important informations on your phone, it is recommended to create a backup. As my phone was no longer in use I simply copied the internal SD card to my hard disk. Also if you plan to undo the changes, you will need a backup. I skipped this step, so they are not listed below!!

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy W

Before we can modify the recovery mode or the operation system of the Samsung Galaxy W, we need to get root access. (Please find a German description and a English alternative).

Buttons of Samsung Galaxy W

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  1. Copy this zip file this zip file to your internal SD card
  2. (Original file was gone. I couldn’t find any copyright information of this file and reuploaded it here. If you are/ or know the copyright holder, please send me a message.)

  3. Shutdown your phone
  4. Start you phone holding the Volume Up, the Power and the Home Button
  5. Release the Power button after starting
  6. Wait for the Android box image and release the other buttons
  7. Press the Settings Button and wait for the recovery menu
  8. Navigate with the Volume Buttons to apply and confirm the selection with the Home Button
  9. Select the entry on your internal SD. Press Home. Wait.
  10. Select reboot system now. Press Home.

 Install ClockworkMod v6.0.4.5

CyanogenMod requires an specific recovery mode. To replace the recovery mode you need:

ClockworkMod Recovery Menu

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You will find a detailed description in the true-android blog. In short:

  1. Copy the recovery.img to you interal SD card
  2. Start Rashr
  3. Click Flash other Revovery
  4. Select recovery.img and follow the instruction on the screen

To test the installation you can access the recovery mode as described in the section above (Step 2-4). You will see the CWM recovery menu instead of the old one.


Install CyanogenMod 11.0

Finally we can install CyanogenMod 11.0 . Just pick the latest version from the xda-developer forum. I don’t want to use the Google Playstore and so I skipped the gapps part.

  1. Copy the downloaded file to your phone
  2. Reboot in recovery mode
  3. Select wipe data and wipe cache partition
  4. Select install zip and select your copied file
  5. Wait
  6. Reboot your phone

Now your phone is running a current CyanogenMod version without google.



  1. shabeel shabz sagt:

    install was succes
    but after rebooting it will seeing cyanogen mode and sum arow rotating so many

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